Using Hosted IP Telephony Services On the Go

Using Hosted IP Telephony Services On the Go

Hosted IP telephony service providers have made communication simple, easy and sweet. Yes, sweet! Have you ever imagined the costs you would otherwise have incurred communicating with clients while abroad? You can now make that business trip abroad without worrying about communicating with clients. You can equally spend quality time with your family from anywhere in the world peacefully without the worry of how you will stay in touch with your clients. So, the question we’re going to answer today is, what do you need to take advantage of IP telephony services on the go?

1. Strong Internet Connection

A reliable internet connection is fairly easy to find in most places in the world. Telecommunication companies globally are falling over themselves trying to ensure that they provide fast and strong internet connections. It is part of their marketing strategy. Furthermore, governments worldwide have also realized the benefits of internet services to the general economy and as a result, they try to provide cheap and reliable internet connection to everyone. So, getting fast and dependable cellular data or finding an open Wi-Fi hotspot won’t be a big challenge.

2. A Hosted IP Telephony Application

Another great thing about hosted IP telephony services is the fact that you can make calls using any device including tablets, PCs and mobile phones. These calls can be made with or without installing any apps in your devices. However, thanks to apps you, can enjoy more stable, high quality services. Applications can be installed both in Android and IOS devices as well as other major operating systems like Windows Mobile and Blackberry. On installation and launch of these applications on your device either internally or externally, you should also be able to smoothly make calls. For specific applications to guarantee the best services, get in touch with our customer support team for advice on the same.

A VoIP Account

A VoIP account is what will ensure that the cost of making calls becomes significantly lower. Your hosted IP telephony service provider should help you through this and in case of any issues, their customer support should always be at your beck and call.

Apart from the three main aspects mentioned above, there are other extra features provided by that will assist beneficial apart from placing and answering calls from clients. The additional features that will make things smoother for you while you are away are as follows;

    • Call forwarding

This will ensure that calls are transferred to other lines where the callers can be assisted when you are busy.

    • Text messages

With unlimited messages and bulk SMS platforms, you can send a single message to many people at the same time.

    • Voicemail

This feature was extremely costly with the old telephone system. However, depending on the tariffs imposed by your hosted VoIP service provider, it could way cheaper. To avoid any surprises, worthwhile to check your hosted IP telephony service provider’s tariff.

Clearly hosted IP telephony service providers have made traveling while still transacting business possible and easy. Our hosted VoIP services are unrivaled in the market. Give us a call if you have any questions today!

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