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Ethernet in the first mile (EFM) is one of the most innovative technologies in telecommunications, delivering reliable, high-speed internet access to any location around the world. To help you understand precisely what EFM is, and how it can help your business operate more effectively, we at Xinix have put together a list of the most commonly asked questions.

What is an EFM leased line?

Also known as Ethernet over Copper (EoC), a EFM leased line is the latest in carrier ethernet technology, utilising high standard copper wires to transmit fast, quality internet services as an alternative to fibre-optic technology.

What types of EFM are available?

At present, EFM leased lines is a single technology type, meaning that only one version of the system is available. There are only a limited number of providers currently offering EFM in the marketplace, with the technology being retailed under a variety of names: IEEE Std 802.3ah-2004, DIA line, data circuit, or private are other common terms for the service.

What is the SLA of EFM leased lines?

The quality of service provided by an EFM leased line is highly impressive and dependable, meaning that the service level agreement (SLA) and guarantees on the technology are comparable to those available with more common fibre-optic services. Latency and jittering are also comparable, while the uptime provided ensures that there is compromise for you or your business operations.

How does Internet speed compare to other services?

Among the virtues of an EFM leased line are quality of service and speed. Available in an array of speeds, the UK currently accommodates up to 35mbps, with projected speeds of up to 60mbps anticipated in the coming years. The speeds available through EFM are, however, guaranteed and without variation in performance.

What can I use EFM for?

With speeds of up to 35mbps available, an EFM leased line is the perfect option regardless of your needs. EFM technology enables you to run data, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) applications, video, and much more, all without any concerns over reliability. In fact, the stability offered by an EFM leased line means multiple users running many applications will experience no disruption to service.

How can EFM help my business?

Xinix is one of the leading providers of EFM technology in the UK, providing telecommunications services that enhance the productivity of your business. Our EFM leased lines enable you to enjoy connectivity that is stable and fast to any destination around the globe. Plus, our team of experienced engineers will be on-call to deliver first-class support should you need it. By investing in EFM leased lines, you can take your day-to-day operations to the next level.

How much does it cost?

A number of factors affect the pricing of EFM technology in the UK, but you can rest assured that Xinix prices its packages to suit you. Depending on the speed of the service, your location, and the length of contract you desire, the cost of installation and usage may vary. The simple solution is to contact our customer services department today to discuss your specific requirements in person.

For more details on EFM technology, its availability in your local area, and a competitive price tailored to suit your needs, contact Xinix today. One of our knowledgeable team members will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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