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CRM Integration

Microsoft teams integration is a cloud-based unified communication system that offers seamless collaboration to remote and local employees. It provides real-time experience on different devices such as mobiles and laptops. Moreover, you can integrate teams with other apps such as PowerPoint and SharePoint to enhance communications.

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Key Features

Teams are getting popular in businesses due to the advanced features and benefits it offers for communication. Here are some of the key features:

Messaging Option

Teams app is a chat-based collaborative space with group and individual message options. You can add as many people as you want to the group and make a video call with the whole team.

VoIP Calling

Teams provide cloud-based telephony systems through which one can make VoIP calls. With the help of its direct routing features, calls can be connected to the microsoft teams app. There is also the availability of voice conferencing, 911 Support, and other calling features.

Video Meetings

The world is transforming into a technological hub, and the ways of doing business are changing. They are more likely to outsource their work to employees of different countries. Virtual meetings are essential for connectivity and discussion to deal with the present-day digital world. Teams also offer the following features:

  • Customized background
  • Whiteboard
  • Transcription
  • Breakout rooms

Screen Sharing

Sometimes it gets critical to clear your point during meetings. Here’s when the screen sharing feature comes into play. You can share the screen of your laptop or phone during virtual or audio calling to show the files or other work tasks.

File Sharing Feature

All the team members can get access to the shared file. This way, the workflow remains smooth and painless while working on some projects. Moreover, one can save and edit the file.


This feature allows users to host webinars or meetings at a high level. More than 10,000 people can attend view-only broadcasts. In addition, controlling features restrict unnecessary involvement during interactive meeting sessions.

Noise Removing Option

The software has adapted an automatic noise removal AI-based feature that suppresses the background noise and helps people talk and understand easily without any disturbance.

Microsoft Teams Integration: How it Helps Businesses?

Since the pandemic’s start, many people have had to work from home or at home. This was a new way of working for many people, and it was not easy to adapt. But, teams made everything more accessible as the world has learned new ways to handle businesses. 


Microsoft has reported that its user base had risen over 50% since the pandemic’s start to over 115 million users worldwide. 

Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool that can help you bridge this gap between home and office, allowing you to communicate and collaborate seamlessly across your organization.

Enjoy Meaningful Conversation

Microsoft teams app allows you to enjoy meaningful conversation with the help of its advanced features. To gain a more human-like experience, here is what teams offer.


  • There is an option of breakout rooms, and organizers can divide larger groups into smaller ones for discussion and brainstorming.
  • Live reactions also play an essential role in helping participants understand each other while expressing themselves.
  • Together Mode provides a virtual conferencing room instead of dividing participants into small boxes. It gives more sense of connectivity and brings positive effects.

Stay Informed:

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The new apps in teams allow companies to communicate effectively with their employees. 

  • The bulletin app pinned with Microsoft provides a space for managers to put tasks, announcements, and memos in the form of images or videos. 
  • Milestone app designed to track the overall work progress provides a 360-degree view of the projects and employees’ contributions.

Experience Hassle-free Collaboration

Microsoft aims to go beyond traditional online meetings and bring such quality features that enhance the team’s productivity.

  • Tagging features help employees to tag each other and allow the task to a specific person. 
  • Shareable Calendars help in sharing calendars and setting up meetings. One can also add an event to it that informs other members also.
  • Auto Send Option maintains business activity even with no active internet connection. The messages are sent once you get back online. 

Stay Secure

CRM integration offers complete security to the data with the help of features such as a two-factor authentication code. There are no risks and damages when you use it for businesses. Your sensitive call data is saved in a cloud-based system free from human interruption. 

  • Private channels are available for conversations.
  • End-to-end encryption is available.
  • Complete control of features
  • Advanced protection is there to restrict unwanted data.


Final Thoughts

Clear communication is the key to a successful business. As a startup, using such a communication platform not only saves the cost but also increases the productivity of workers using CRM. As a result, the company’s efficiency is increased in all possible ways. To get access to the world’s leading platform, click…..

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