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Experience remarkable flexibility.
gloCOM is a Unified Communications applications designed for Desktop and Mobile in order to offer business users with a set of exclusive features and benefits that have the ability to transform the communications system of your company into a world-class powerhouse.

Communicate smoothly beyond your imagination!
Have total control of your office communications on a mobile phone!
Effortlessly manage the phone calls of your office, the presence and performance of your workforce… and so much more…

And a highly efficient mobile communication
With the gloCOM Mobile App and the Unified Communications Mode, you will be able to communicate effectively and easily organize your business irrespective of your physical location and the device that you have at hand.

Resulting in unparalleled throughput
Realize an incomparable boost in the performance of your business and financial output.

Experience the new and improved gloCOM and go beyond your communication expectations


gloCOM provides Start-Ups and Small Businesses an opportunity to utilize their corporate class telephone systems customized to their individual needs and budget.
Office Edition brings core capabilities of Unified Comms while maintaining the familiar usability of phone systems. gloCOM clarifies the difference between a conventional phone system and a premium Unified Comms system.

  • User presence and availability panel
  • Control calls remotely on a physical device
  • Integrated with web browsers
  • File sharing and IM functionality
  • Outlook, Google and PBXware contacts list
  • Call on available functionality


The business edition delivers a lot more efficiency, flexibility and power for the corporate clientele and businesses.
It brings in the advanced Unified Comms experience as well as all the exclusive communication tools that the majority of corporations only wish for. The tailor-made user-friendly GUI and instant deployment virtually will make you love gloCOM and the efficiency and productivity it brings.

  • Outlook integration
  • Fax over IP
  • SwitchPhone functionality
  • Support of Polycom devices
  • Integration of any IP phone
  • Dynamic conferencing


The gloCOM CC Agent edition is fully dedicated and customized for Call Centre Agent workforce for the increase in daily efficiency and an increase in productivity.
Apart from the standard features, gloCOM CC Agent also offers an optimized agent interface that has a vast range of features that dramatically improves productivity and makes their day so much easier.

  • Agent panel module
  • Agent pause button
  • Integration of all the major CRSs
  • Assistance requests button
  • Dynamic logging in


The gloCOM CC Supervisor edition has been solely designed for enabling Supervisors for Call Centres to stay up to date with the pace of their agents so that efficiency and productivity can be increased.
Apart from the standard features, the gloCOM CC Supervisor allows live monitoring of Queues and Agents, tracking of the performance of agents and the generation of thorough reports of the statistics.

  • Live management of queues
  • Reason notifications
  • Agent pause
  • Wallboard facility
  • Thorough statistics
  • Live monitoring of agents
  • Integration of the major CRMs


gloCOM go enables working on the move thus keeping the loss of time on the minimum. This enables you to experience ultimate efficiency.
You can plan phone calls, take full control of your time and define your availability thanks to the functionality of the Presence panel of gloCOM GO

  • Multi-tenant compatibility
  • User availability and presence
  • Phone Call-back
  • PBXware contacts
  • Phone/SIM contacts
  • Available on both Android and iOS

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