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    Do you need help finding a new phone system? Not sure if VoIP is for you? No problem. Let us do the research for you! Fill out our form above to receive a VoIP quote from our VoIP Specialist.

    With VoIP, you can be saving anywhere from 40% to 80% on your monthly phone bill!

    Business VoIP is available for as little as £10 per user, and comes with a number of call management and productivity features to help your business succeed. Plus, business VoIP offers flexibility and scalability that can’t be matched by traditional phone companies.

    So make the transition to a fully-featured, top tier business VoIP solution today to start saving!

    Popular features

    Call Transfer

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    Ring Group

    By assigning a selection of extension numbers into one group, all calls placed to this group will result in all extensions ringing.

    Auto Attendant

    Interactive Voice Response – or IVR – auto attendants deliver pre-recorded messages and enable callers to navigate touch-tone menus to connect them to the correct function.

    Caller ID

    Select whether to send or withhold caller identification when making a telephone call.


    Make multiple voicemails, create greeting messages for different departments in your business, receive your voicemails on your emails or listen to them on your PC.

    Music on Hold

    Managing the hold music callers hear can be carried out by web browser, with the option to categorise music into directories, ready to use by all users, queues, and auto-attendants.