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GEA For Dummies

Year in, year out, the internet industry is faced with a new confusing abbreviation. 6 years ago, it was EAD, four years ago, it was EFM and last year it was GEA.
So, the question that has been going around is, what exactly is GEA?
Essentially, GEA is an acronym for Generic Ethernet Access, a new inexpensive product in the family line of leased Ethernet. The product utilizes FTTC infrastructure for the ‘final mile’ but then, it is backhauled over the Ethernet network’s carriers. This practically means that there is a significantly lower cost-base for these particular services as compared to say, a leased fibre Ethernet line. In fact, partners are able to purchase up to 20Mbps symmetric for approximately £170 every month. This is inclusive of a complete business grade SLA, hardware management and a reduced lead time than the EFM or the fibre Ethernet.
Thus, when you look at the value for your money, GEA’s bandwidth is quite compelling. It provides a solution for consumers of a large SME market who are still no able to meet the expense of fibre Ethernet but have an increasing need for connectivity. Its price range is almost the same as that of the product family of broadband services. On the other hand, it has two main business advantages over broadband. First, unlike GEA, broadband needs authentication with the ISP. This process of authenticating and re-authenticating really ends up in several tiny blips. Over a prolonged time period, they reduce the stability of a line reducing its suitability for crucial real-time uses like voice and video. In addition, the service is inclusive of fixed SLA which is not possible to obtain with any lower-priced broadband services. As reliance on internet connectivity of businesses increase, every hour of downtime costs can lead to substantial revenue losses.
Currently, GEA is being provided by two main carriers, Talk Talk Business and BT Wholesale. Talk Talk calls it EoFTTC (Ethernet over FTTC) while BT calls it just GEA.
Just like all the other services we provide, we stay supplier agnostic. We offer both services to our partners and we will accordingly advise our partners on the most suitable service with respect to the requirements, budget and availability.
If you would like to find out the accessibility for one of your clients or you would just like to ask for a quote, please contactus and we’ll get back to you with full details.

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