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Five Essential VoIP Features That Increase Efficiency

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a piece of technical software that lets businesses manage customers in a timely, proficient manner. It also allows real-time communication between colleagues from different locations. As a business keeps growing, it is expected that new measures will be needed to be put in place in order to make sure that there is efficient management of high volume of calls. This software solves lots of previous telecom problems. Below are some of the leading VoIP features that help in boosting efficiency.

1. Interactive Voice Recognition

IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) is a feature while literally helps in keeping consumers on the line since they will not have to be taken through a lot of number selections in order to reach their desired destination. Instead of dealing with the obsolete automated telephone tree, IVR is advanced enough to establish requests and act on the received response. This reduces the amount of time taken to lead the customers to the needed department.

2. Minimize Delays

For the majority of companies without VoIP, one of the most common complaints they receive from their customers is the total amount of time that they are left hanging on the other end of the line. Justifiably, this might adversely affect customer loyalty. According to a research by Avoxi, 68% of consumers who switch from one provider to another proceed with the switch due to the unsatisfactory handling of calls. The most productive way of overcoming this problem is through embracing the most recent communication technology.

3. Effective Communication

For any organization to flourish, effective communication is critical, whether it is between call operators and the consumers or the head office and colleagues. Not so long ago, business executives had to fly across continents just to secure business deals. Currently, in this technological era, that is no longer necessary. Advanced VoIP technology has enabled colleagues as well as businesses to have face-to-face communication using live video conferencing and this has changed business operations for the better. Not only is this feature cost-effective, but it also enables executives to make the crucial business decisions in a familiar environment, this is likely highly advantageous since individuals tend to be more productive when they have a feeling of being in their ‘own turf’.

4. An Integrated System

Voice Over Internet Protocol breaks down the barriers of communication and allows you to run your own business with an improved rate of productivity without having to go through the trouble of alternating your hardware. The flexibility of this system is quite exceptional especially since it works seamlessly along with other software such as CRM and ERP. An integrated system saves a lot of time since you have everything that you need for running your business all in one place.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

Before the onset of online VoIP software, distance was a huge factor in the number of potential customers that companies could reach. From that time, the internet has transformed everything and that distance is not a barrier any longer to the extension of services and expansion of enterprises. Broadband channels have enabled business to hand large volumes of calls at a very low cost using a VoIP system. Apart from that, installation and maintenance of this software is relatively cheap, therefore, you not only boost overall efficiency but also significantly minimize the cost.
If you are a medium-sized or small business that has thought of investing in a VoIP system, you may experience great benefits from the use of this software. Why don’t you give it a shot? This tool for enhancing communication may just be what you needed to take your establishment to the next level.

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