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Fiber optic internet is a type of internet service that uses fiber optic cables. This is based on fiber optic technology which transmits data in the form of light pulses along glass fiber. A fiber optic cable consists of a varying number of glass fibers. An additional layer named as cladding further encapsulates the glass layer.

Fiber optic internet Vs cable internet

Conventional  cable internet is based on copper wires in which the data is transmitted in the form of electrical signals. Data transmission in the case of fiber optic internet transmits occurs in the form of light. For  this purpose, a local transmitter converts electrical signals into a light signal via a light source such as a laser. Then, the light beam from the source travels to the destination through optic fiber cable. At this destination, a remote receiver unit converts light signals back to electrical signals. 

Therefore, fiber optic internet is much more reliable, stable and fast as compared to conventional cable based internet or DSL. 

Based on its unique features and exceptional utility, fiber internet is ideal for telecommuters, gamers, online streamers, small to large scale businesses for communication and to routinely perform data intensive tasks.

Types of Fiber Optic Internet

There are three main types of fiber optic internet:

  • Fiber to the home or premises (FTTH or FTTP) – most expensive connections by the internet service providers. These are direct fiber lines to home, premises or business. It does not involve copper lines. 
  • Fiber to the curb (FTTC) – connection distributed throughout the building such as offices, apartments, hotels etc. 
  • Fiber to the node or neighborhood (FTTN) – most common type of connection and also mst affordable; distributed throughout the residential area or neighborhood

Incredible benefits of fiber optic for businesses

The Internet has transformed the whole concept of business communication. The Internet enables easier and faster business processes, communication and collaborations. A high-speed connection allows the businesses to excel in performance and enhance productivity. 

Here is how a fast and reliable fiber optic internet connection & best Broadband provider can benefit your business:

Enjoy the exceptional speed 

Internet over optical fiber is much faster and more stable compared to conventional DSL. in 2017, they were able to achieve an incredible speed of 53.3 terabytes per second (53,300 GB/s) in the test environment. These super fast internet connections are not yet achieved in the real world. However, there is decent advancement in this regard. For instance, in Belgium, they have fiber optic internet for businesses and organizations at speeds of 10 GB per second. Furthermore, it offers symmetrical upload and download, which is often a problem with DSL and copper lines. 

Exceptionally reliable and stable connection

Fiber  optic cables are non-metallic and transit data in the form of light signals. Therefore, unlike the other connections, fiber optic internet is least affected by weather-related outages, electronic interference and extreme temperatures. 

Another common internet problem is ‘signal attenuation’ that is weak signals. The reason behind this is when data is transmitted through copper lines, signal strength progressively declines. Sometimes, signals require periodic boosting to enable further transmission. On the other hand, fiber optic connection maintains an exceptionally stable signal for over 100 miles without assistance, resulting in exceptional stability and reliability. 

Typical internet connections get overloaded and thus slow down. Therefore, internet service providers use ‘throttling’. Throttling means intentional limitation of internet speed. There is no such issue with fiber optic connection.

Higher bandwidth and reduced latency

Copper connections have limited bandwidth resulting in slower internet speed. Fiber optics internet offers exceptional bandwidth, resulting in faster connectivity and enhanced efficiency. 

Furthermore, this higher bandwidth reduced latency. Internet latency is defined as the amount of time it takes to reach signals from starting point to its destination. Reduced latency means stable and super fast upload and download speed which ensures optimal workflow.  

Faster and easier cloud access 

As businesses are increasingly shifting to cloud based technology for its huge benefits, stable and faster internet connection is must have. Other internet connections have constantly fluctuating upload and downloading speed. This can be problematic and results in delayed and slow business processes. In order to prevent such interruption, faster and stable fiber optic internet is an ideal choice.


Initially, when fiber was introduced, it was comparatively expensive. Recently, its costs are going down. Furthermore, the average cost per megabyte is less than DSL and copper cable internet. Additionally, it transmits a huge amount of data at a time. This not only saves time but also enhances employees productivity and business growth.

Easy scalability

Perfectly equipped to handle your fast growing business, fiber optic internet allows easy scalability. You can connect as many devices as you want and internet speed remains equally fast and stable. Furthermore, you can always scale up the connection whenever required without spending a huge budget. 


fiber  optic internet is a game changer for businesses. As businesses are adapting to the latest cloud based technology for communication, collaborations and automation of business processes, stable internet connection is must have. The latest fiber optic technology offers exceptionally stable and strong signals, high bandwidth, lightning fast speed while being cost effective. 

One of its incredible benefits is that it allows symmetrical upload and download speed. It offers easy scalability. Furthermore, factors such as power outages, electrical interruptions and weather-related issues least affect this connection.

Strong signals, stable connection and reliable services are key factors to ensure smooth communication and optimal workflow for a business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is fiber optic internet?

Fiber optic internet is based on fiber optic technology which transmits data in the form of light pulses along glass fiber. This is an advanced technology and broadband connection that is much faster, reliable and secure than the conventional copper lines.

How to install a fiber optic internet?

You will need to lease or buy a router from a reliable internet service provider in your respective area for these services. Once you choose your best suited internet plans and have agreement with the internet service provider, you can easily connect with fiber internet.

Why is fiber internet so expensive?

The conventional DSL and cable internet use copper wires for data transmission. Fiber optic cables are made up of glass which makes them more durable and reliable. This  is why this broadband connection is somewhat expensive. However, the cost is worth it because of its incredible benefits.

What are five benefits of fiber optic cable?

Unlike  the conventional DSL and copper lines, fiber optic cables have greater bandwidth, enhanced flexibility, durability, improved latency, better security and most importantly capability of faster data transmission.

Is fiber better than WIFI?

Yes. The connection is more reliable, stable and not affected easily by external factors such as weather and temperature. Thus , fiber internet is better and faster than wifi.

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