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Our Features Of On Hold And Video Production

On Hold Messages

We provide cost effective On Hold messaging rates and all-inclusive marketing services that entertain and motivate callers to take action, reduce hang-ups by callers, increase sales and boost the overall customer experience. IN addition, we also provide a risk-free trial of on hold sample message demo. Find out how our customized on hold music and messaging works.

Video Production

With our full-service marketing in video production, we enable brands to entice effortlessly, engage and connect with their consumers. Starting from television commercial spots and website videos to infomercials, product demos as wells as marketing videos and corporate sales. Our video specialists seamlessly combine all the necessary elements for production of superior quality and effective customized videos for your brand.

In-Store Overhead Business Music

We deliver affordable in-store business music and message service that assist brands in creating that flawless vibe they always aim at having. Whether you are a hotel, spa, salon, restaurant or retail store, our customized business music service will provide you with exquisite solutions that will bring out the perfect atmosphere which will influence purchasing decisions, convert window shoppers into customers and augment the brand’s overall experience.

Auto Attendant Recordings

The auto-attendant recordings for your telephone systems, voicemail salutations and IVR prompt often tend to be your brand’s first impression. What does the impression of your brand sound like? It is imperative that you set the perfect tone for your brand with voicemail salutations and IVR prompts together with customized auto-attendant recordings for the boosting of the image of your brand and provision of supreme quality services at your organization.

Our Features

Affordable On Hold Message Pricing

Every brand requires a different kind of marketing strategy. We understand that all brands are different and that is why we offer cost effective on-hold service rates irrespective of what your budget is. We have with cutting edge equipment, a team of copywriting experts, an assorted team of voice-talents at our disposal as well as options for integrating background music.

Accomplished Copywriters

While soothing music may appease the savage beast within, it is the advertisements that ring the register! Members of our copywriting workforce are also marketing specialists who exceptionally develop the finest blend of customized compositions that have crystal clear precision and remarkable creativity to make your business bloom. With the right copy, you will get great results.

Campaign Management

We provide a hands-on strategy to keep your on-hold content fresh and up to date. We have a user-friendly internet-based campaign management system that places you in complete control over all your affairs. You can easily track your status, request fresh recordings, submit new messages, update messages on hold script content and much more, at any time you wish to.

Risk-Free On-Hold Demo Trial

Have a first-hand taste of our creative juices at work. We have a risk-free tailored message on-hold trial demo that will give you a brief insight into our world of creativity, tactical innovation and verified process. Don’t hesitate to taste our waters, we would love to show you the vastness of the possibilities you can have with us on your side.

Innovative Video Specialists

We have a creative team of video experts that creates customized video marketing productions for both small businesses and huge nationwide brands. We will provide you with the assistance your brand needs for attracting, engaging and connecting with customers. Our video productions package is all inclusive as it consists of music, animations, actors, graphics as well as design. In simpler terms, dream it and we will bring it to life!

Ingenious Content Designers

Content strategy, content marketing as well as content creation are all terms that are currently quite trendy. However, they are not new to us! We have a proficient team of audio-video content designers that assist in accelerating your ideas and generate striking content in a clear-cut and precise manner to connect and engage your brand with your targeted customers.

Customer Support

We never compromise on the quality of customer support and service that our customers receive. We are dedicated to developing a strong, long-term relationship with all our customers by always putting them first and making them happy. That is what sets us apart from our competitors, we only provide world-class support and services. Both small and massive brands depend on our superior expertise day in day out!

Queries? Call Us!

We are always at your service. Irrespective of how huge or small your business is, we provide effective solutions for establishments and corporations in a wide range of industries. Give us a call and talk to one of our specialists who will be glad to answer any of your questions to your fill.

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