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Feature Rich Enterprise Management Of Content For ITSPs

The Active SoftSwitch Enterprise builds on all the advantages of Active SoftSwitch Professional by adding two extra remarkable capabilities. First of all, the Class 5 Service features of Porta One which are quite vital for a business to business services are included, then there is an opulent ‘Service Wrap’ that has advanced tool for content management and some extra downloadable Apps which facilitate out of the box solutions for residential and business ITSPs globally. Enterprise also provides a vast selection of VoIP wholesaler and fully branded independent VoIP reseller solutions to Call Shops from IP Centrex.

Services and Solutions

Our most popular service plan is the Active SoftSwitch Enterprise which is distinctively designed for partners who are looking for the flexibility of making use of their own DDI or Termination number suppliers. Active SoftSwitch Enterprise users are usually owner-managed businesses or average-sized business that need residential services in large scale or a hosted B2B that can be fully branded. Enterprise partners have the ability to sell a variety of services which include; SIP Trunking and Business IP Centrex, Origination and Termination, Residential Services such as Call Back, Call Shop, Local Number Forwarding and calling Card.

Widgets and Apps

For a complete list of the Widgets, Apps and Modules available with this particular service plan please compare the plans here:

Next Steps

You can only acquire Active SoftSwitch Pro from us. Use the links provided below to contact us or request a demo. The Chat Service is also open for communication. We are eager to communicate with you through any channels so that we can provide you with our services!
Example Service

1. Our Partner

Alex utilized Active SoftSwitsch services back in 2010 to set off his own ITSP service. He used to avail his services to a variety of B2B services such as the IP Centrex services that Anna the Telemarketer uses. He also provides a lot of clientele with Conference Calling and others with SIP Trunking services. He also has a big customer who uses the Calling Card service.

2. His Customers

In her business, Anna the Telemarketer uses the IP Centrex service from Alex. She mainly provides the outgoing service to 15 agents but each of those agents has their individual DDI for ringing back. Some of them work from their home and Anna easily changes their ‘follow-me’ setting on a day to day basis. When training her workforce, Anna also uses the call recording service from Alex.

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