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The Enterprise ITSP Platform With Fully Branded Wholesalers

The Enterprise+ comes with all the capabilities, features and functionalities of the Enterprise Plan together with an extra branded Reseller layer. This allows our partners of the Enterprise Plus to take in VoIP wholesalers who can as well be fully branded and fully independent. If need be, our Enterprise+ associates can even re-brand our support service as their very own in order to support their resellers. This an impeccable solution particularly for the developing ITSPs that wish to bring in new or maybe provide better service to their current resellers.

You can easily upgrade from Enterprise Plan to Enterprise+ and from Enterprise+ to the Ultimate Plan

Services and Solutions

The Enterprise Plus product category of Active SoftSwitch has been uniquely designed for SPs (Service Providers) whose aim is the provision of both direct and indirect service to their customers. Enterprise+ partners have the ability to provide a variety of services such as; SIP Trunking, Business IP Centrex and Termination as well as Residential Services such as Calling Card, Call Back, Local Number Forwarding and Call Shop. All the Enterprise services and solutions features are available to the partners of Enterprise+ which enable them to provide fully branded services right up to the next layer of service.

Widgets and Apps

For a complete list of the Widgets, Apps and Modules available with this particular service plan please compare the plans from our full site.

Next Steps

You can only acquire Active SoftSwitch Pro from us. Use the links provided below to contact us or request a demo. The Chat Service is also open for communication. We are eager to communicate with you through any channels so that we can provide you with our services!

Service Example

  1. Our Associate- When Alex met Ahmad in 2011, he wanted to take him on as one of his VoIP Resellers, so he upgraded to the Active SoftSwitch Enterprise Plus. Alex now has the ability to offer the service in such a way that Ahmad’s clienteles only see Ahmad’s Brand. In the meantime, Alex is still able to offer his service to his own direct business consumers such as Anna the Telemarketer.
  2. His Wholesaler/Reseller– Ahmad, the VoIP Wholesaler is among the best resellers that Alex has. He provides Anna with her residential services and he also majors in the provision of Calling Card Services and Student Services to carefully serve tailored products to niche markets. Alex is keen on paying attention to detail and he precisely understand every target Customer group, making his business grow quite well.
  3. Their Clientele– Anna, the Telemarketer makes use of the IP Centrex service from Alex in her Telemarketing Business. She also makes use of the Residential Adaptor Service provided by Ahmad at her place of residence. According to Anna, these two are different and independent providers of Telco Services.

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