IT Security - XINIX

Maximum Protection

Our bank-standard and industry-grade security ensures that your digital assets and information are kept safe from prying eyes.

Air-tight Data Privacy and IT Security

the latest and most rigid and robust security protocols. They are also equipped with a host of both logical and digital security measures. Ensuring that you are left to focus on other areas of your business without needing to worry about the security of your information.

We not only meet but also strive to always exceed both national and international data privacy laws. We also meet the requirements and regulations of all of our clients from around the globe. We also adhere to the Australian Privacy Act ensuring that all standards are met to ensure that your intellectual property is kept safe.

Bringing World-Class ICT Solutions to Clients All Over the World

We continue to always invest in our IT infrastructure to ensure that here at Xinix we stay one step ahead of the curve. Having the best technology means that we can then meet the demands of all of our clients. Being able to accommodate businesses of all sizes, from small and medium-sized businesses to global conglomerates.Β  We also abide by all of the latest ITIL guidelines and have staff available around the clock to tend to any issues and ensure that all of our technology is running at the highest standard.Β 

Key features of our IT infrastructure:-

  • Multiple ISP connectivity
  • Logical network design

Our state of the art facilities include:-

  • On-site techniciansΒ 
  • Round the clock IT support
  • Security
  • HR Personnel
  • Medical Services
  • Reception StaffΒ 
  • Customer Experience Managers


See how it works for your business

A sales advisor will contact you for a personalised, informative demo on the key features and benefits of a cloud VoIP phone system.