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Most organizations have put in place measures to protect both their staff and properties from calamities like fire outbreaks and other natural calamities. If you use business voice over internet services in your company, disaster recovery protocols should also be put in place for your VoIP systems.

For most organizations using voice over internet services, the concern is usually whether the company information can be preserved. Many organizations are either using hosted IP telephony services or they are shifting to voice over internet services. In case of a situation like a breach in security of your company data, what would be your remedy? How can you for example ensure that your Business VoIP phone systems are not infiltrated? Keep reading to find out effective ways of solving such a problem

Old Telephone Network vs Business VoIP System

The old telephone network was comprised of physical telephone lines. Failure within the system or damage on those physical lines meant that communication was cut. In disaster situations that required quick response, failure in communication was detrimental because you couldn’t communicate at all. You could also not carry your phone with you to wherever you wanted to go in case of calamities. On the other hand, the current voice over internet services can be secured more easily as the system doesn’t entirely depend infrastructure installed within the premises.

Actions to Secure Hosted IP Telephony Systems

People using business voice over internet services can rest easy even when calamity strikes. That’s because their communications are hosted online and handled by hosted IP telephony service providers. In case of any occurrence of a catastrophic situation, staff members can be moved. Once they staff members are moved, they can still continue carrying out their duties from any place.

For organizations who have deployed their own SIP trunks, they will have to backup their data using a PBX system online. The organizations with SIP trunks could also put in place a hybrid communication system to safeguard on information loss during a calamity. When disaster strikes, you will need a way to protect your communication system.

Solutions In Case of Internet Failure

Business voice over internet services primarily depend on the internet to work. At times, there might be a failure in internet connectivity in case of a disaster. It is therefore recommended that you should have an alternative line from a different service provider. This means that in the event of network breakdown of one service provider, you will still be able to carry on with the organizations work.

Hosted IP Telephony Systems Notification Plan

Your voice over internet services system should require you to save your data after a regular interval. The system should therefore have feature that automatically remind you to backup your data or that backs it up automatically. You don’t have to wait for disaster to strike before taking action.

Fail-safe Mechanism

Your system should be setup in such a way that when a client cannot access a particular staff member due to a certain reason, the client’s call is redirected to an available staff member. This really helps in ensuring that communication between you and your clients always continues. That way, you will never lose any clients due to delays or keep a client on hold for too long.

With the above disaster recovery options have discussed, it is still necessary to confirm with your hosted VoIP service provider the plans they have in place. For example, find out the number of data centers they have and where they are. You should also get to know too how fast they will be able to inform you of any system failure. At Xinix World, we have an elaborate plan for our Business VoIP telephone services. Feel free to give us a call for more information.

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