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Criteria For Contrasting SIP Services

The Session Initiation Protocol craze is still sweeping across the business world. So popular it is that you will be spoilt for choice if you have not yet rolled it out for your business and are planning to do so. Several Session Initiation Protocol trunk services exist in the market. Out of these many service providers, there are respected service providers who have a track record of quality service. There are also those service providers who are in the market simply to make money and to capitalize on the growing Session Initiation Protocol trunk market.

Those in it solely for the money end up providing poor and low quality service. That is the main reason why having a definite criteria for comparing the services of different Session Initiation Protocol service providers will help you in making the best choice. It will also reduce the confusion that comes from choosing the best Session Initiation Protocol service provider from a large pool of Session Initiation Protocol service providers. We have put in place a criteria which we hope will help you in making the best decision.

Quality of the Session Initiation Protocol Network

By far the most important characteristic to look for. The caliber of the network will definitely affect the quality of your calls and the strength of your system. There are different categories of networks. It is advisable to ask for an Session Initiation Protocol provider offering Tier-1 network. Tier 1 network is a transit-free network that has the capability to reach all major networks on the internet. Tier-1 network gives you an upper hand to other networks in terms of reach and quality of calls compared to other categories.

Session Initiation Protocol Flexibility

A good Session Initiation Protocol service provider should be able to allow you to add or remove phone lines from you system depending on how well your business is doing. You should not be tied down by long-term agreements that may require you to pay more in anticipation for the growth of your business which means addition of more phone lines. You should only pay for what you are currently using and pay more when your company grows.


The Session Initiation Protocol service provider should disclose all related costs. The service provider should disclose all the costs in the beginning and the subsequent charges. There are different payment plans for Session Initiation Protocol trunks. A good service provider will give your all the available. Normally, for Session Initiation Protocol trunking, many service providers will have a monthly payment plan. On paying that monthly fee, you get access to unlimited service on their network for that month. Explore all the costs and payment plans. The service provider should also reveal if there are other accessories need. The cost of those accessories will contribute to the overall amount that you need to pay. Basically, there should be no hidden costs.

Nature of Customer Support

It is common practice for service providers to offer customer support to their customers. This can be done online by placing a call to their customer support team or through live online chats on their websites. You will also want any issues addressed immediately without delays. Therefore a customer support team that responds fast to your concerns will be good for your business.
You can determine the quality of service of a service provider by listening to their customers through reviews.
Some service providers charge for customer support services they offer while others do it for free. Get to know what the service provider offers.

We offer quality SIP Trunking services and we believe that the criteria listed above will help you choose wisely. Get in touch with us if you need any further guidance.

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