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Xinix World was established with the aim to provide small and medium-sized businesses with the very best telecommunications solutions, consolidating the array of systems and networks often present with an organisation into one simple solution. Our experience and dedication to offering the very best products and services means we have a reputation among our clients for being a trusted supplier within a crowded marketplace.


It’s part of the DNA of Xinix to embrace innovation and the latest technologies. As such, we’re always at the cutting edge of developments and able to pass on the latest products to our customers. From VoIP services to fibre-optic broadband, business mobile packages to SMS marketing services, our choice of products is among the best around.

Simplified solutions

At Xinix, we believe that it’s our responsibility to be open and transparent with the services we provide. That’s why we endeavour to keep the process of purchasing as simple and effective as we can, consolidating all the products you need into one efficient package. It’s this simplicity and reduction in administration that make us so popular.


It’s part of our code of conduct to provide impartial advice to potential customers, offering a level of transparency that engenders trust. Thanks to our strong industry relationships, we’re able to pass on the benefits and offers to our clients, and have direct access to all the information you could possibly need.


Xinix is a London-based organisation which is focused on delivering solutions that benefit customers based within the UK. We understand the infrastructure of UK communications networks, meaning our specialists are among the most trusted and reliable around. Whenever you need support from Xinix, you can rest assured you have access to the best knowledge in the industry.


We pride ourselves on our efficiency, ensuring that the latest products and technology is available from Xinix as soon as possible. We want our customers to have access to the very latest innovations within the industry, and ensure we’re able to provide advice and information at the earliest possible stage. In addition, we offer round-the-clock support to ensure that, should you experience any issues with our products, we’re on hand to have you up and running immediately.


Thanks to the relationships we’ve forged with our suppliers, and the extensive knowledge our team possesses, we’re able to ensure that cutting-edge innovation is never far away. We keep abreast of industry developments and assess the latest technologies fully to ensure we’re always able to offer the products that our customers deserve.

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