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How To Choose Between Per User Or Flat Fee When Selecting VoIP Service

Office phones need to be upgraded to VoIP systems for optimal efficiency and cost effectiveness. However, it could be difficult to determine the best option for your office setting especially since there are lots of different VoIP providers out there. As you narrow down your options, it usually comes down to choosing between a flat rate or a fee for every single user. It may seem rather obvious to go for the unlimited flat rate, however, before making your final decision, there are a few considerations you have to make:

  1. What is your budget and how many individuals are using your phones? The unlimited extensions option is great in bigger settings but then, in some cases, it is best to pay a little extra for every user, since “unlimited” plans have the tendency of tacking on fees for some small features that are often contained within a “per extension” setup.
  2. Do you make lots of incoming or outgoing calls? The majority of providers charge a specific rate for unlimited extensions but ‘meter’ the amount of outgoing and incoming calls then charge per minute for every single line. In general, incoming calls are often more expensive.
  3. How many mobile users are there? This could also mean the amount if individuals that occupy more than just a single office. Ensure that you find out whether your plan comprises of multiple locations (or a smartphone application) for those who work on the go. Otherwise, you might have to pay extra.
  4. What type of grows are you expecting?
  5. When it comes to choosing between different providers, take a keen interest on the difference in their Quality of Service.

Preferably, the best option is speaking with a representative from your ideal options if VoIP providers to obtain an accurate cost.

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