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SIP Phone System

Many small businesses are joining the VoIP craze mostly because of the lower phone charges. Through Session Initiation Protocol phone trunking, you are able to extend your phone systems into the cloud. But is that the only benefit that your business can derive from VoIP solutions like SIP phone systems?
Have a read below of some reasons why adoption of Session Initiation Protocol will improve your business:

No More Worries About Monthly Fees

Use of SIP phone system has a lot of financial benefits. For instance, you will not be paying the monthly fees normally charged by service providers. Call charges for SIP phone systems are also the same irrespective of the distance, unlike telephone service providers who charge more for long-distance calls.
You also don’t need to worry about having to look for separate service providers for data and voice calls because SIP phone systems cover both of them. This will help save your business money as you won’t be paying two different service providers.
The less money you spend, the more money you will have to improve and grow your business.

Expansion is Made Easier

The ultimate aim of any business is to grow. Before VoIP technology was adopted, when there was a need for a business to expand, it was costly, cumbersome and it took a lot of time to add new lines to a company’s telephone system.
With SIP phone system that uses virtual lines, the addition of new lines has been made easier and at no extra cost.

SIP Phones are Dependable

The legacy telephone systems are normally affected by harsh weather conditions that could bring down the connection. This could lead to a communication blackout that could last for several hours. Power outages also affect the functioning of the equipment used in the legacy phone systems resulting in communication cuts.
SIP phone systems use virtual lines and data. As long as there is a strong connection, the lines will keep on running and won’t be affected by bad weather or power cuts.

Zero Maintenance Costs

SIP phone systems, unlike legacy phone systems, don’t have much physical equipment that needs to be maintained on a regular basis. This is because the SIP phone system is cloud-based. Any equipment that the SIP technology uses that requires maintenance is handled by the service provider.
You can therefore relax and take care of other aspects of your business rather than worry about maintenance and related costs.


Technology is changing and being improved by the day. The benefit of having cloud-based systems like the SIP phone system is the fact that changes can be made to it to suit the current trends. These changes can be made through system updates that can be downloaded online.

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