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Enterprise Plus, Active SoftSwitch Enterprise and Ultimate partners who offer Virtual Office and Business IP Centrex can allow a more effective means of communication for their business clientele while still using their current phone numbers and technology. With the use of the high-speed internet, users can customize control settings and customize features online in real time from any part of the world. The main components of the success of VoIP reseller enterprise telephony services are; simplified billing, significantly lower calling rates and a vast range of business-friendly features.

Who is it for?

  • Small businesses who serve customers that require efficient communication over long distances.
  • Enterprises whose consumers and/or workforce consist of a sales force that travels extensively
  • Enormous corporations those geographical locations are widely spread
  • Large or mid-sized companies that don’t have adequate reception employees to take personal messages
  • Telecommunications companies with an interest in the provision of telephone connectivity to the most inaccessible communities or offices.
  • Establishments that compete with local telecoms by providing 3rd generation services such as mobility, IP PBX, follow-me and Centrex

How It Works

A caller directly dials a chosen local or long distance number then the call is sent through the current PBX of the company or via a high-speed internet connection over a VoIP wholesaler gateway. Shortened dialling can also be used when dialling a number in the same establishment. After the call goes through, it is billed to the account balance of the institution.

Users who are either individual employees and/or administrators can log in to the self-provisioning interface of the account at any given time in order to gain access to features such as; language options, service usage, payment information and call history (CDRs/xDRs).

Main Features

  • Toll-free, roaming, original line information
  • Permits transparent migration; the users can keep their existing extensions, phone numbers or integrate their current PBX system
  • Full compliance with the Visa security standard
  • Centrex: superior business-class telephone features for digital phones and/or huge office phone systems without the need of installation or equipment upgrade. Some of the standard features are; call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding and call transfer among other class features.
  • PortaUM Auto Attendant: a speech response component that performs receptionist or operator duties such as; answering phone calls, screening of calls, offering directory assistance to callers for the correct extension and redirecting of calls to extensions within the phone system of the company.
  • Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange (IP PBX) or Virtual Office: screens, answers and redirects calls to practically any location, simultaneous processing of large volumes of calls and provides enterprise workforce with integrated virtual extension numbers.
  • Services of both post-paid and pre-paid calling can be provided; for most companies, the former model is more ideal

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