BT Warns Resellers - Beware Deals That Are Too Cheap

The General Manager of BT for Broadband services, Simon Brisbourne, says that resellers have to think wisely about building solutions around fibre deals that are rather cheap. Here are the five best reasons that he gives as to why BT fibre should be chosen.

By June 2015, the BT fibre network had already availed connection for more than 3.5 million users and the demand for bandwidth keeps growing at a significant rate of 40% annually. The UK Government has already made a statement that it is aiming at achieving a fibre coverage of 95% throughout the UK by the end of 2017. According to the Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy, Ed Vaizey, Openreach is on a clear path to accomplishing that objective. For the resellers, the question that remains is; How can this opportunity be maximized for business? Below are five reasons why BT should be part of your plan.

1. Unlimited must mean Unlimited.

The clue lies in the definition and basically, resellers in search for fibre partners have to be extremely keen and focused. Any supplier who begins by emphasizing on the price alone, particularly in a commercial market where coverage and reliability demands are high has to make a compensation somewhere in the deal. Are all the assurances of unlimited deals really unlimited? That is the question you must ask yourself on and on.

BT provides an unlimited download to all its clientele. Clearly, the demand for capacity keeps getting higher with evolving applications such as video and voice internet calling, online videos for business briefings and training apart from industry application downloads and YouTube. BT consistently works to stay on par with the ever-increasing market needs for superior coverage, speeds and bandwidth capacity.

2. Network Coverage and Scale

Guaranteeing a scalable, fast throughput and reliable service is quite essential for a business. From the first cabinet declared active and the first day an exchange is confirmed open, WBC and WBMC networks from BT provide resellers with access to the complete Openreach-enabled footprints. This way, a reseller has the ability to take full advantage of the opportunity for an increased capacity and services for consumers. BT has access to more than 23 million premises which are across more than 4,200 exchanges.

FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) approach which uses parts of the installed network of copper that can keep up with the increasing fibre speed demands has been the main trust for this. The main benefit here is obviously speed to the market and sufficient coverage without ever compromising on the speed of the connectivity. Even though the current use of copper is not as superlative as an FTTP (fibre to the premise) approach, it is exceptionally high quality due to the technology that is utilized which comes with remarkable speeds of between 200-700Mbps over 66m lines, a distance that comprises of 80% of the connections.

BT keeps investing in its network to make sure that its SLA’s can be delivered on fibre. With the constant and substantial weekly growth of the network and end-user volumes, BT keeps expanding its experience and service. Based on EU volumes, as of June 2015, the NGA fibre broadband network of BT is about 6 times bigger than the closest FTTC/NGA rival.

3. Single Order Journey

There is no one who likes a complicated process of ordering. BT consumers have a chance of ordering or upgrading Fibre Broadband via a single order journey which makes it simpler to sell. Keeping it as simple as possible. BT provides both its XML (B2B) and portal (eco+) interfaces for fibre service and orders. Resellers are able to order FTTC simultaneously with a new upgrade or line from ASDL to FTTC and easily move between suppliers. This is not a multi-stage process consisting of service gaps in between.

4. Maintenance and TCO

BT’s approach to product and service rates is reinforced by ensuring a lucrative TCO (total cost of ownership) and this has been polished with experience. BT has been managing FTTX products for more than six years and it also has a workforce that has decades’ worth of collective experience in the management of all features the product portfolio of broadband services, from new feature and product introduction, network performance, management of errors and availability through provision.

This transforms into a product and team portfolio that is precisely designed for aiding resellers in maximizing the potential of fibre for already existing and new consumers. Peace of mind is a crucial element of this, which is why the fibre portfolio of BT comes with its complete collection of maintenance options and options to boost provision requests and include features from its WBMC/WBC portfolio. This gives the resellers an opportunity to deal with individual needs of their customers.

5. New Developments in Technology

Sure enough, fibre is still in its youthful stages. While we offered our first consumer in August and FoD2 (FTTP on Demand 2) consumer in September 2015 (as part of Openreach tryouts working together with our channel associates), we are focusing on the next stages of our NGA2 strategy which is quite necessary. Any worthy supplier has to push boundaries constantly. Innovation is a habit in BT’s culture and it is a requirement for constant development and not just a purely reactive or shallow act. Join us on this game-changing journey.

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