Best VoIP Home Phone UK - Things to Consider

Best VoIP Home Phone UK - Things to Consider

Home VoIP phones make your day-to-day communication as seamless as possible and save you money. The best VoIP home phone UK includes advanced features such as recording capability and conference calling to improve your calls’ quality. 

This blog will discuss the features that push residents to use VoIP phones and the top 5 VoIP Home Phones UK.

Features of VoIP Home Phone

VoIP Phones provide plenty of features that give assurance that your VoIP phone caters to all your residential needs. Simply eliminating the traditional home phone service provider, you can receive great-quality service at a much more reasonable price.

Always Reject List

Calls from people can be an interruption sometimes. It isn’t very comfortable if they call you when you’re in a meeting. You end up rushing and cutting it short or skipping the discussion altogether. When you have an always reject list, you get to control these calls.

Call Forwarding Feature

If you are a businessman who has to handle many tasks simultaneously, then a call forwarding feature can help you in many ways. For example, you can select the priority numbers, and the feature will automatically forward the call to the chosen number.

Voicemail Routing

Using a VoIP phone saves your time and energy. If the number from a reject list tries to call you, the caller’s voice will get converted into voicemails that you can read later. In this way, you will never miss out on any information or news.

Things to Consider when Buying VoIP Phones

As technology advances and develops, new products and services arise, such as VoIP phones. The market is full of products, but how will you analyze which one is best for you? Here is the list of features you must consider before buying any phone.

Sound Quality

The feature you must not compromise on is sound quality. HD sound quality is the purpose of dropping landlines and embracing VoIP phones. It would help if you got a free trial or sound analysis when buying a phone.


The range is one of the crucial factors for VoIP phones. So always go for a phone with a better range. 


VoIP phones for residential customers must be user-friendly. As a consumer, everyone wants such technology that does not create a mess for them. So, choose a phone that has a good usability rank.

How to Setup a VoIP Phone at Home?

It is much easier to set up a VoIP phone at home because of its advanced features. It also works on all broadband networks. Moreover, VoIP used at home does not require very high-quality connections.

Bandwidth Requirement

Everything is accessible and hassle-free while using a VoIP phone. But sometimes, you are not sure about the requirement of your bandwidth. Some experts can help you and provide you with complete guidelines.

To know how much bandwidth you need, Click.

Things You Need

Follow these simple steps to set up your home VoIP Phone

Reasons to Use VoIP at Home

Whether you already have a VoIP phone or are thinking about switching to one, there are loads of reasons why it makes sense.


VoIP is a lot cheaper than landlines. It only costs you for what you are using. In contrast, traditional landlines cost you every month whether you use them or not.


All you need is the proper internet connection and nothing more. You don’t need to install any software or hardware. Instead, you need a device that you can connect with the provider.

Current number Accessibility

You can keep your current number while using a VoIP phone. In this way, you will never lose your connections and can receive calls from anyone who has your last number.

Top VoIP Phones For Homes

If you have gone through the valid reasons for using VoIP phones for homes, it is time to switch. The first step is to find VoIP phones that can serve you in the best possible way. Here is the list of some top VoIP phones for homes:

  • Gigaset N300IP
  • Yealink W60
  • Yealink W70
  • Polycom VVX 300 Series
  • Polycom VVX 400 Series

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