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IPVPN will allow you to combine all your various sites into a single, secure VPN that will let you manage all your converged applications. This private network thus created will handle all your voice, data and even video applications and it will do so from within a single, easily managed infrastructure.

We offer flexible solutions that allow you to choose options that will suit your specific unique needs. There are many different ways in which you can connect your sites, including:

  • SDM private circuits
  • Ethernet circuits
  • Fibre optics
  • Cable modem
  • ADSL
  • 3G
  • EFM
  • Public internet services

It does not matter how you choose to connect your sites because we combine them into a single core that will leave you just one network to manage and maintain. You can also choose the connection speed that will serve your needs. We offer speeds ranging from 2 MBps to 1 GBps. What’s more, we offer 8 different classes of service which means that you will be able to prioritise your traffic.

There is more. With IPVPN as the backbone of your system you will be able to consider the many possibilities offered by Connected Collaboration. This means that you can manage both your voice and data from a single network. This ability can lead to significant cost savings. By empowering everybody in the organisation to connect at any time, using any device, increased productivity and new ways of working suddenly becomes a real possibility.

What you can do

  • IPVPN will minimise the amount of capital you will need for a fully managed system. This can be achieved by renting the equipment from us, rather than spending a fortune on infrastructure that will quickly be obsolete again. Our fibre optic network operates nationwide and we manage it round the clock to ensure that you will have a reliable service at all times.
  • IPVPN allow employees to access the network from any device, whether it is a smartphone over 3G or a laptop computer over the public internet. This allows a high degree of collaboration between all the users of the network and can only result in higher productivity and better team work.
  • You can set your own policy regarding access to the network. In fact, you will be able to manage your BYOD policy centrally for any number of sites.
  • It is only logical that your business will be able to grow when it has so many access points to the network. Of course, you can upgrade or even downgrade your system as your needs change. Upgrades can be achieved without interruption to your service and such upgrades involve only a minimal additional cost.
  • You can keep all your data secure. IPVPN is backed by MPLS technology which means that we can assure you of 27001 security certification. In addition, you will be able to make deliveries to government departments in accordance with 2-2-4 and 3-3-4 standards.
  • IPVPN allows you to pay attention to what is most important – your business. You do not want to spend inordinate amounts of time and money on network maintenance because we manage it on your behalf.

What you will get?

  • Firstly, you will get a network specially designed to suit your unique needs. It will offer very fast data, it will be cost efficient and it will be easy to operate.  IPVPN is flexible enough to adapt to your changing needs.
  • Our experts will advise and help you every step of the way. Our assistance starts with the design of your network and continues to provide ongoing support once you are operational.
  • You always remain in control of your own network, even though you are running it through our fibre optic infrastructure. You will have access to online tools that will help you monitor performance and activities on the network.
  • You will be able to determine service priorities in order to make sure that more important functions are given preference. We offer 8 different classes of service.
  • Our specialists will assist you in choosing the best way in which to link up your various sites. You can choose between fully meshed, any-to-any and hub and spoke. We can even connect your sites to more than one VPN. This may be a good option if you want more than one secure VPN’s that are served from a single data centre. With more than one VPN you will also be able to securely open it to your customers or suppliers without having to worry about security issues.
  • You can even think about global expansion. We have international partners that will allow you to link your IPVPN to overseas sites, allowing all your employees, even those working abroad, to access one single network.

The clever bit

IPVPN uses MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) technology that can truly be described as a masterpiece. This technology will ensure that you enjoy high levels of security and superior performance. It works like this:

  • IPVPN uses our own fibre optic network to link up your different LAN’s and we can even link up with other service providers’ circuits to make sure that you enjoy speeds of up to 1 GBps.
  • You have your own network within our network to manage your traffic and everything is labelled according to the priorities that you yourself determine according the various classes of service.
  • When a package is transmitted, each one is assigned its own bandwidth and according to the priority assigned.
  • Everything is managed centrally. Each and every one of your business applications will be on the same single network.
  • You can increase the security by adding extra layers and there are even resilience options if you need it.
  • The beauty of a single network is that it allows employees to collobarate and to gain access at any time, from any geographic location and using any enabled device, even a public internet network. The will always have access to the tools needed to get the job done.
  • IPVPN can become the backbone of your UC strategy (Unified Communications).
  • Apart from voice, data and video, your IPVPN can also become an important part of your overall IT strategy. It can deliver services such as TIP Trunking, Managed Security, Managed Internet Access and Data Centres, amongst others.

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