Ethernet Over FTTC | EoFTTC – Generic Ethernet Access

Ethernet over FTTC (EoFTTC)

Ideal entry level Ethernet type service - Faster than broadband, SDL, leased line and EFM.

Low Costs

Brilliant low cost Ethernet option.

Multi-site Businesses

Great for businesses with multiple locations.

Unlimited usage.

No usage limits. Unlimited Data option.

UK Coverage

Effective coverage throughout the UK.

You don't have to be a major corporation with a huge IT budget to take advantage of the benefits you can get from Ethernet services. GEA FTTC Ethernet Access Direct provides the same level of access as an Ethernet Leased Line, without the associated costs.

A symmetrical, uncontended service using FTTC technology, GEA FTTC is perfect for both voice and data communications – and comes with the backing of guaranteed SLAs that assure you a stunning service.

  • Excellent-value fixed price 20Mb upload/download speed from only £100 per month
  • Fast installation (within 13 days)
  • Final loop delivered by single copper pair
  • ADSL backup-circuit included with auto fail-over
  • Uncontended bandwidth on a business-only network
  • Unlimited support from expert UK-based team

Ethernet over FTTC

SAVE up to £900.00 vs BT
from £ 100 / month
Buy now

Included with this package

We NEVER slow you down Unlike some providers, we won’t ever throttle your broadband speed Superfast speeds Up to 5 x faster than the UK’s average standard broadband Included with this package speed

Quick Installation

Services activated quickly and without fuss

Free activation

Included activation with any phone package and contract

Free Line Installation

Lines installed free on 24 month contract.

UK Based Support

Help’s at hand whenever you need it.

Business Grade SLA

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GEA FTTC for Dummies

So, the question that has been going around is, what exactly is GEA?

GEA stands for Generic Ethernet Access - a new, inexpensive type of leased Ethernet service. FTTC stands for Fibre To The Cabinet - a fibre optic broadband line standard utilised by BT. Put these two together, and you benefit from Ethernet access, with a comparable level of service to a full leased Ethernet line, at a much cheaper cost.

When it comes to value for money, GEA FFTC is unbeatable. Perfect for SMEs with increasing requirements for their internet connections, but who aren't at the level of being able to afford their own Ethernet line. And there are 2 major plus points when compared to broadband:
1) Stability. ISP authentication can result in blips in the service over time. GEA FFTC doesn't require this.
2) SLA. Lower level broadband services can't compete with the level of SLA offered as standard with GEA FFTC.

Currently, GEA FTTC is being provided by two main carriers, Talk Talk Business and BT Wholesale. Talk Talk calls it EoFTTC (Ethernet over FTTC) while BT calls it just GEA.

Just like all the other services we provide, we don't have a favoured supplier. We offer both services to our customers and we will accordingly advise our customers on the most suitable service with respect to your requirements and budget..

Ethernet over FTTC

SAVE up to £900.00 vs BT
from £ 100 / month
Buy now