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It does not matter what type of business it is that you are running. Every business needs more customers and they need their customers to feel valued. Xinix can help you to conduct marketing campaigns. There is no business sector that will not benefit from SMS campaigns, and here are a few examples of how each sector can make use of our services.

Financial Services

  • You may be in banking or insurance or you may offer credit services. Regardless of the specifics, text messages can help you to keep your clients informed and in touch. Here are some samples:
  • You can notify your clients about accounts that are due, payments that were received, appointments that have been confirmed and reminders about reviews that will become due.
  • You can use text messages to advertise new services and products.
  • You can win customers back by reminding them that information is still awaited or that applications are incomplete.
  • Instant messages are a cost effective way of staying in touch with all your customers.

Health Service

Medical specialists, hospitals, dentists, therapists and medical aid schemes all need to stay in touch with their clients and patients. You can use SMS messages in many effective ways:

  • Remind them about upcoming appointments.
  • Provide clients the means to reschedule or cancel appointments.
  • Remind clients that they are due for specific check-ups and ask them to make appointments.
  • Notify patients about the results of tests.

Events and Shows

It does not matter whether you organise events as a hobby, for fund raising for a charity or as a professional, but SMS messages can make sure that you stay n contact with clients, sub-contractors and the many other people and professionals that are necessary to make any event a success. You may consider the following applications:

  • Book venues and sub-contractors.
  • Disperse information about last minute availability of seats.
  • Advertise upcoming events.
  • Broadcast directions to a venue.
  • Disperse discount vouchers that can be used at a specific event.
  • Remind delegates about upcoming seminars and training sessions.

Sport and Fitness

Gymnasiums, sports clubs and others involved in the sport and fitness industry can gain many benefits from SMS messaging. Here are a few examples:

  • Confirm bookings.
  • Send reminders about upcoming classes or events.
  • Send motivational messages to members and urge them to attend more classes.
  • Inform the public about the availability of tickets for sports events or inform them about upcoming fixtures and matches.
  • Inform members of special offers.


It is very important for educational institutions, ranging from nursery schools to universities, to communicate with a wide variety of stakeholders. For example:

  • Inform stakeholders about upcoming events, trips and special occasions.
  • Inform parents that a child is absent from school.
  • Notify parents about parent evenings and other events.
  • Student representatives can remind the student body about events, matches and other occasions they may wish to attend.
  • Tutors and teachers can remind students about deadline looming or seminars scheduled in the near future.

Travel and Tourism

This vast industry particularly needs to be able to provide excellent customer service and to remain in contact with their service providers and clients. SMS messages can be used to:

  • Advertise the availability of last minute places on package tours and flights.
  • Confirm bookings and receipt of enquiries.
  • Inform clients about special offers on things like car hire, insurance and even currency exchange deals.
  • Send a list of hints and tips for a soon-to-be-undertaken trip


You may be a shop owner, an online business or you may even work for a large retail chain but you can certainly benefit from using SMS messaging.

  • Inform customers about special offers, special events and launches.
  • Reward loyal clients with advance information about discounts.
  • Use a SMS database to create a list of VIP customers and offer them specials such as exclusive competitions and by-invitation-only events.
  • Promote footfall by offering special offers at specific days or at specific times of the day.
  • Provide customers with coupons that can be used in the shop.


The competitive real estate business sector must pull out all the stops to remain in business. By using SMS messages much can be achieved to provide clients with valuable information. Here are some examples

  • Use SMS’s to alert potential buyers or tenants about new properties that have become available.
  • Use marketing material such as “for sale” boards to provide potential clients with short codes that can be used to indicate interest.
  • Send SMS requesting return of contracts and tenancy agreements.
  • Confirm appointments or send reminders.

Restaurants and bars

Every pub, restaurant, fast food outlet and wine bar wants more footfalls. Using SMS messages is the ideal way to stay in touch with customers and to inform them about events and specials. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Encourage bookings by offering specials or complimentary gifts such as a free bottle of wine.
  • Inform customers about changes to the menu or even the wine list.
  • Promote special events such as the appearance of a live band or a promotion.
  • Use SMS messages to confirm booking and to remind customers about bookings previously made.
  • Provide customers with vouchers that can be redeemed at the venue.

Hotels and Guest Houses

The hospitality industry always has to deal with late cancellations and last minute bookings. SMS’s are a great way of making sure that beds are filled. Here are some ideas:

  • Inform clients about special break-away packages and off-season specials.
  • Confirm bookings by SMS.
  • Provide directions by SMS.
  • Inform clients about activities and events that will be available during their stay.
  • Suggest restaurant reservations and confirm bookings by SMS

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