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Benefits Of VLAN For VoIP Systems

Many businesses have been rolling out voice over internet services in place of PSTN over the years. That is not to mean that the PSTN has not been serving the businesses well. However, the switch has been necessitated by the numerous benefits voice over internet services come with. When voice over internet services first hit the market, many people were skeptical about it. This is because these businesses had already invested heavily in the PSTN network. Furthermore, the voice quality and the dependability of the voice over internet services at the initial stages was questionable. voice over internet services providers had to improve their systems in order to convince business owners to switch from PSTN to VoIP.

Currently, the quality of voice, dependability, and robustness of voice over internet services are very high. Both the software and hardware of voice over internet services are highly advanced. But you still have the power to improve the quality of VoIP calls whether you are using your own SIP Trunks or are relying on hosted IP telephony services. Using vLANs is one of those ways that you can use to improve the quality of your VoIP calls further. Let’s delve into vLANs benefits for voice over internet services users by first understanding what vLAN is.


This is a network of several devices designed to communicate as though they were connected to the same wire. In actual sense, those devices are found in different sections of the LANs. One of the reasons why the voice over internet services popularity is increasing rapidly is the fact that you are able to rely on one network/ service provider for data, message and call plans.

It is however still convenient to handle data, calls and message traffic separately even on a single network. While using voice over internet services, this can be effectively achieved using vLAN. vLAN will help in separation of the different forms of information. Apart from being able to separate the voice over internet services traffic, vLAN can also be used to categorize devices and people. A certain team of individuals in an organization working on a specific assignment can use the same vLAN. This could also help in securing crucial and sensitive information only meant to be shared by a particular group of people.

Advantages of Using vLAN for Separation of Voice over Internet Services Traffic

  • Improved functionality
  • Separation of voice over internet services traffic means that your network gadgets won’t have to distinguish between the various traffic flowing through the system. Having specific gadgets handle only specific part of the traffic, means that those gadgets will perform better and efficiently. This will eventually lead to better quality of voice quality of the VoIP system. The voice over internet services will also be more reliable.

  • Helps in maintaining the integrity of the system
  • Voice over internet services are increasingly becoming a target for fraudsters and criminals. For a network with unsegregated traffic, monitoring and noticing the suspicious flow of traffic is difficult. Through traffic segregation using vLAN, such activities are easily noticeable. Once noticed, the illegal traffic can be intercepted and stopped. Therefore, segregation using vLAN enhances the general security of your VoIP system. Chances of the integrity of your voice over internet services being compromised by criminals are therefore greatly reduced.

  • Diagnosing system errors becomes easier
  • Since specific vLANs in the voice over internet services for a segregated network can handle only a particular type of traffic, identifying a malfunctioning device becomes easy. This is because any difficulty in the flow of a certain traffic of information, be it calls or even messages, it can be attributed to the network responsible for its transmission. Diagnosis of errors in a system with unsegregated traffic relying on one network for all its traffic is complicated and hard. Early diagnosis and remedy of any error in the system saves time and money for any business.

Using vLANs for network segregation for your voice over internet services will greatly improve your business. That coupled with a good voice over internet services provider, your organization can surpass most of its targets. Xinix World provides top-notch VoIP services. We will also guide you to ensure that you get the most out of your VoIP system.

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