23 Crazy Statistics In Mobile Marketing That Show Mobile Business

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There is a good chance that you have already heard or read about paying some attention to mobile marketing. This may even make you scratch your head hard since you are not quite sure the impact that mobile has on your current marketing strategy. You should know that mobile marketing is one of the only aspects of your stratagems that practically touches on every single thing that you are doing for marketing purposes. These devices that we keep carrying every other day have really changed how we carry out our business practices.

Today you will get a hands-on analysis on the impact that mobile has and will keep having on your business, presently and in the future. From the 23 mobile stats that follow, you will realize why mobile marketing is something that MUST be included in your marketing strategy:

1. More People Browse the Internet Via Their Phones Compared to Computers

This was anticipated to occur in 2014 but it happened almost a whole year early. Internet usage from mobile device browsers was higher than that of computer (PCs and desktops) users at the beginning of 2014. From then on, the shift to mobile devices as the primary gadgets for content consumption on the Internet has risen steadily. This simply means that if you want to keep your customers around, you better deliver a seamless user experience on mobile devices. Still on that note, prospective customers who may be finding your online presence for the first time have a higher chance of finding you through a mobile device. Therefore, you have to make an outstanding mobile impression.

2. 40% Of Mobile Device Searches Have Intent Locally

If you have a local presence for your business (think brick and mortar), you must have a mobile friendly website, gone are the days when mobile friendly was just a nicety. There are some ways out there of creating a mobile-friendly website and so, you shouldn’t have any excuses for not having that feature on your website. In fact, almost 50% of all mobile searches are of local queries; therefore, this means that mobile-friendliness is mandatory.

3. 70% Of Searches On Mobile Devices Lead to Action On Website Within One Hour

This is an undeniable slam dunk for your business… but only if you have set your business up to deliver on the actions that mobile device users are looking to take. In the majority of cases, browsers search for, locations, opening and closing hours and directions. If you have optimized your website for local content, then these searches are quite easy to take action on.

4. 62% Of All Emails Are First Viewed On Mobile Devices

Put your money on mobile, it is your best bet for achieving better consumer interaction which will definitely translate to higher sales. We are in a generation which content, promotions and sales emails are all being viewed from mobile devices. Take it upon yourself to ensure that your business’s emails are mobile-friendly. Or else, you risk cutting the size of your email list in half!

5. 70% Of Mobile Users Instantly Delete Emails That Don’t Render Well On Their Device

The moment the alarm sounds on our phone, checking our emails has become one of the very first actions we take when we reach for the phone. Guess what… it’s not just you, we all delete the emails that look crappy on our phone the moment we see them, we don’t want to deal with the trouble of making a pinch to zoom in because we aren’t fully awake yet! You need to make sure that your emails and newsletters are mobile friendly, otherwise, the will go straight to the trash.

6. More Than 95% Of Emails Are Viewed On 1 Device. Very Few Users Save Emails On Mobile for Later Viewing on Desktop After They Open Them.

There is a good chance that you only have one shot with emails. There is no other way around this, make your emails mobile friendly, if not, most users will just delete your mail because very few will opt to view it later on desktops or PCs.

7. 65% Of People Who Listen to Podcasts Do It Using a Smartphone

If you are a podcaster you must already know how difficult it is to get an audience for your show notes. You are missing out on lots of conversion opportunities. Get to work and give more attention to mobile users, you can start by capturing email addresses from your podcast.

8. 40% of YouTube Views Globally Are On Mobile Devices

YouTube records 40% of their traffic from their mobile device application. It is rather interesting that in case you have a call to action on your video where you request your viewers to click on an overlay in your YouTube video, this action can’t actually be performed on the mobile app. The best way of not letting that affect your audience engagement with your channel is by re-thinking the call-to-action and ensure that you direct viewers to the comment section for any links you might have for them.

9. 68% of All Clicks On The ‘‘Like’’ Facebook Button Are from Mobile Users

A you looking to build a presence on Facebook? Well, the majority of your Facebook engagement such as ‘liking’ comes from smartphones. This is also true for all your other calls-to-action, the majority of your consumers are taking action from their mobile devices. Is your website mobile friendly? It better be!

10. 75% Of Twitter Users Access It Via Mobile

Do you spend a lot of your marketing dollars and time on Twitter? Well, if you are doing so, you are trying to achieve conversions to your podcast, blog or website through mobile devices.

11. 80% of Mobile Users Use Their Devices While Watching Television

Most people assume that mobile device users are always on the go, well, apparently, that is not so. If you haven’t started thinking about enhancing your consumer relationship through multi-device usage, then you should start doing so now.

12. 90% of Links Shared to Blogs On Twitter Are from Mobile Devices

If you are a blogger, then you must already be using Twitter to spread and share your content to drive some traffic to your site. Of course, the users who share and click on the links are mostly mobile users so, you just have to have a responsive design on your site that favors the mobile users.

13. 90% of All SMS Messages Are Read Within Three Minutes

Judging from the figure of this stat, SMS texts are the most immediate channels of connection and converting your consumers. This should make you include SMS text messaging right away, if this won’t do nothing else will.

14. The Opening Rate of SMS Messages of 98% As Compared to Just 22% of Emails

Well, this does not mean that you completely abandon emails, no! It means that you should take a keen interest in introducing SMS messages in your business. Text messages can be an excellent way of communicating time-sensitive information. Using a combination of both SMS and Emails will work well for your business.

15. Mobile Device Offers Are Redeemed 10 Times More Often Than Print Offers

If you still depend on printed media to deliver your offers, discount and coupons, then you need to explore the option of distributing your offers via mobile. Compared to print, mobile has 10 times higher redemption rate, showing that it could be a powerhouse of driving action into your business!

16. 43% Of Consumers Have a Higher Possibility of Making a Purchase When Mobile Offers Are Part of an Organized Campaign That Will Unfold Over Time Across Several Channels

When it comes to mobile offers, spray and pray efforts become history. This is another huge reason that you shouldn’t overlook mobile a secondary effort or a side project. You have to consider it and make it part of a larger strategy if you want to make real conversions.

17. 70% Of Customers Found All Sorts of Push Notifications Which Include Location-Based Messages and Order Updates to Be Valuable

You can integrate mobile messaging into practically all types of businesses. With customers finding value in all kinds of messaging services, then you better start getting creative in how you can add some value to the lives of your consumers through engaging with them on their mobile devices in a mobile app.

18. 90% Of Customers Who Have Joined Loyalty Programs on Mobile Have Gained Some Value from Them

With the facts relayed from this particular start, you should start thinking of including mobile loyalty programs in your business. It can be through mobile apps, SMS text messaging or connecting with your consumers in a more personalized way on a regular basis. This will be a sure driver of engagement and sales to your business.

19. Almost 2/3 of Customers Subscribed to Services of Mobile Marketing

Evidently, consumers find a lot of value in the offers, updates and deals that are sent to them right to their smartphones. This is a clear sign that you should start leveraging the immediacy of mobile in business to help in driving your consumers to make repeat buys.

20. Apple Wallet (Passbook) Retail Promotion Campaigns Bring Three Times More Growth in Incremental In-Store Sales as Compared to a Similar Offer Through Email

After Apple had released Apple Pay, there was a significant increase in the use of the iOS Wallet application. If you are a retailer, then this is a unique opportunity for you to leverage this mobile application service for your business to drive sales.

21. 99% Of Mobile Apps Get Used Only Once!

Unless your mobile app does something unique and awesome that no other app does, the harsh reality is that once it is downloaded, it will be opened just that once and then the user will completely forget about it. You have to make sure that your app is sticky, or rather, there has to be a reason why users should keep coming back to use it. Just think about the mobile apps that you use over and over again, they have a unique form of utility or they entertain you enough to keep you going back to it more often.

22. 74% Of Customers Wait Only 5 Seconds for A Webpage to Load on Their Mobile Devices Before Leaving the Website

Isn’t it somehow annoying to wait too long for a web page to load especially when we know that we are using the high-speed internet? Well, it’s in our nature to be impatient. If we are looking for something on our mobile devices and the site fails to load or takes too long to load, we instinctively leave that site after just 5 seconds to go searching somewhere else where we can get a better experience.

23. Almost Half of Customers Don’t Return to a Website If It Fails to Load Well On Their Mobile Devices

This basically means that first impressions count. If your potential customer has a bad experience the first time he/she tries to access to your site, then chances are that you just ruined an opportunity of gaining a new follower, subscriber or customer. You just have to ensure that the mobile experience of your website is impressive and delightful to keep consumers coming back for more!

You Will Be Insane Not to Include Mobile Marketing to Your Strategic Campaigns!

From the statistics above, it is crystal clear that mobile devices already have a significant impact on virtually everything that you are currently doing to market your business and connect with your consumers. If you have not given any thought on the mobile experience, then you should start focusing on doing it and doing it right. Otherwise, there is a great deal of customers out there you are missing out on just because your business is not mobile friendly. Don’t take any chances!

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