The Role of Patents in Business VOIP Service Technology

Business VOIP Β Service has come a long way. Who could have imagined that one day the world would be enjoying the internet speeds we currently have? And since 5G will soon be realized, there’s a promise of things getting much better. In essence, innovations are the driving force behind the great technological advancements in the … Continued

VoIP Reseller and End-User Risk Management

Whether you are a VoIP reseller or your business uses Hosted VoIP services, there are plenty of risks that could come your way. To ensure that your organization runs smoothly in spite of the associated risks, you have to have a risk management strategy. Basically, management of risk is the process of diagnosing dangers to … Continued

What the Future Holds for Voice Internet Protocol

Being in a position to witness the great strides and changes made in the telecommunication industry is a privilege. There has been a gradual transition from the PSTN to voice internet protocol over the years. Eventually, PSTN will be completely phased out. The uptake of voice internet protocol by many companies has been on a … Continued