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A Technological Revolution – SIP Trunk For Businesses

Times have changed so as the ways through which businesses communicate. There is no need for dedicated phone lines or traditional landlines now. Sip trunk system with its advanced features using internet protocol is all you need to connect for businesses. In this blog, I will discuss how SIP UK is best for businesses to … Continued

What Is SIP Trunk and How Does It Work?

What Is SIP Trunk? The conversation about effective and modern business communication is impossible without mentioning the SIP trunk. SIP is an abbreviation of session initiation protocol and it works as a modern communication framework that helps you start a conversation and terminate it. A SIP trunk is taking the business communication and telecom world … Continued

How to Improve Customer Experience through SIP Trunk?

Switching to new technology is not easy for any company. A business has to take software and hardware costs into account and their compatibility with the current systems as well. In addition, most companies end up training their employees on the latest system. Luckily, switching from PSTN to VoIP is nearly seamless for companies. As … Continued