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Upcoming Hosted IP Telephony Trends in the Next Decade

It is extremely difficult to tell how technology will evolve. Most times, what we anticipate will happen, rarely happens. Media establishments are falling over themselves trying to be the first to correctly predict how hosted IP telephony services will look like in the next decade. Institutions and agencies mandated to ensure that standards are adhered … Continued

Work With a Hosted IP Telephony Provider to Eliminate System Upgrade Costs

Not long ago, any hosted IP telephony service provider struggled to convince businesses to transition from PSTN to VoIP. VoIP technology itself experienced several challenges like voice quality at its inception. All the challenges were addressed and as a result. VoIP swept through the telecommunication industry. Currently, all observers are in agreement that it is … Continued

How to Deal With Disasters on Business Voice over Internet Services

Most organizations have put in place measures to protect both their staff and properties from calamities like fire outbreaks and other natural calamities. If you use business voice over internet services in your company, disaster recovery protocols should also be put in place for your VoIP systems. For most organizations using voice over internet services, … Continued

Using Hosted IP Telephony Services On the Go

Hosted IP telephony service providers have made communication simple, easy and sweet. Yes, sweet! Have you ever imagined the costs you would otherwise have incurred communicating with clients while abroad? You can now make that business trip abroad without worrying about communicating with clients. You can equally spend quality time with your family from anywhere … Continued

How Hosted IP Telephony Gives your Business an Edge

If you are here, there is a high chance that you are using or you are considering using VoIP technology for your company. Hosted IP telephony service providers offer products and services that are beneficial to your business as you might have already found out. Above all other benefits, the low cost of using hosted … Continued