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Number Porting Terms and Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS XINIX is a Trading name for AERTEL Ltd a UK registered Limited company, registration number 08406875. By using Xinix services, you agree to be bound by the Terms and conditions set out below. Xinix – Terms & Conditions Definitions Act means the Communications Act 2003 and includes any amendments to the Act … Continued

Business Broadband Providers – Things To Consider

Good broadband service is essential for better communication that helps businesses grow and expand in the best way possible. Are you looking for a Business broadband providers? First, wait a minute before making any decision, and read this blog to get some tips to help you take a wise step for your business. Tips to … Continued

VoIP Home Phone

VoIP home phone are an affordable and convenient way to stay in touch with friends, family and business associates. If you’re considering a VoIP home phone service, here are five reasons why you should make the switch today: Seamless Communication Home VoIP phones make your day-to-day communication as seamless as possible and save you money … Continued

A Technological Revolution – SIP Trunk For Businesses

Times have changed so as the ways through which businesses communicate. There is no need for dedicated phone lines or traditional landlines now. Sip trunk system with its advanced features using internet protocol is all you need to connect for businesses. In this blog, I will discuss how SIP UK is best for businesses to … Continued

VoIP Phone System for Small Business UK

VoIP is the most effective way for businesses to make their communications more efficient. VoIP phone systems are fast, reliable, and easy to use. In addition, VoIP technology allows companies to run a business from anywhere with an internet connection. In this blog, I will discuss the features and benefits of using the VoIP phone … Continued

Best VoIP Home Phone UK – Things to Consider

Home VoIP phones make your day-to-day communication as seamless as possible and save you money. The best VoIP home phone UK includes advanced features such as recording capability and conference calling to improve your calls’ quality.  This blog will discuss the features that push residents to use VoIP phones and the top 5 VoIP Home … Continued

Types of VoIP Services – Which One is Best for You?

Using VoIP services has become a popular way to save on phone bills, but they’re not just for small businesses. If you have a large business running in multiple locations, VoIP can help you reduce costs and increase productivity. There are different types of VoIP services depending upon the type and size of your business. … Continued

SIP Trunk Providers UK – Choose For Progress

SIP trunking is a technology that allows you to connect your phone system and VoIP service. The system uses the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for making and receiving calls. The system has revolutionized the ways of communication for businesses. However, with many SIP trunk providers UK, It is hard for you to choose the best … Continued

Say Goodbye to Landline, Contact Residential VoIP Providers UK

While considering voice-over-internet protocol, you may think that the service is for IT professionals or businesses. But have you ever thought of using VoIP home phone uk services to make calls? Residential VoIP services are ideal for home users looking to switch from a traditional landline. You may contact Residential VoIP providers UK to get … Continued